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AIRLINE CADET was created to bridge the gap between student and low-time pilots with a career in aviation.  The first phase was organizing and displaying regional airline cadet program benefits so prospective candidates could choose a program that best fits their goals.  Phase two brought about the first ever job board dedicated to low-time pilots.  Historically, these jobs have been hard to find and rarely advertised.  As the industry is changing, more of these low-time jobs are becoming available.  AIRLINE CADET organizes these jobs in one place to make it easier for new pilots to find and apply for them.  Phase three added a student pilot page with links to trusted resources and training.


AIRLINE CADET is committed to grow with the ever changing aviation industry providing useful information for student and low-time pilots.

Currently AIRLINE CADET generates no revenue and there are no fees to post jobs.  The information provided, including the job postings, is collected and updated on a volunteer basis.

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